How To Stop Facebook Video Autoplay

Facebook users must be seeing a new feature these days. That is Video Auto-Play feature in the news feed. Every single time, whenever a video appears in the news feed it starts playing automatically regardless of the fact that the user wants to watch it or not.

It seems to be very annoying or irritating. Moreover, it consumes a hell lot of a data and in a country like India data matters a lot.
So, here we came up with a solution for that that will rescue you with the problem of Video Auto-Play.

Go through the step to step guide and get rid of the Video Auto-Play.

1: Login to your Facebook account and navigate through the navigation bar at the top. Click on the up to bottom arrow and then click on settings as shown.

2: After clicking on the settings button you will be redirected to another web page.
Click on the videos section positioned at the extreme bottom.

3: As soon as you will click on the videos button a section will open up as shown. And this is what we were looking for.  You will see a sub heading named as Auto-Play Videos under the heading of video Settings.

4: Now, along with the Auto-Play Settings text you will see a top-down arrow.
Just click on that and a menu will appear with 3 options “Default”, “On” and “Off”.

5: Now, since you are here so we presume that you want to switch off the auto-play videos. So, click on “off” and whoa you are done.
So, this is how you can get rid of the Video autoplay in your news feed.
If you face any problem then do let us know through comments and we will try our level best to sort it out.

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