List of Windows 7 Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

windows 7 keyboard shortcuts
windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

With the fast up gradation in the windows operating system technology, there is an immense need to be updated with the latest one. With the introduction of Windows 10, A new era has begun. But what for those who are In love with the old operating system like windows 7 (Like me 🙂 ). For those it becomes necessary to become a power user so as to compete with the new operating systems feature, although it seems tough.
So, Do you want to be a Windows 7 power user. So, let’s get started with the windows 7 keyboard shortcuts.

General Shortcuts:

Ctrl + “A” : Selects the whole text or files.
Ctrl + ”C” : Copy.
Ctrl + “Z” : Undo.
Ctrl + “Y” : Redo.
Ctrl + “X” : Cut.
Ctrl + “V” : Paste.
Ctrl + “P” : Print a Document.
Ctrl + esc : Activates the start button.
Alt + Space bar : prompts a window giving the privilege to restore, minimize, maximize, exit.
Windows + Space bar : Shows Desktop preview.
Alt + F4 : Exits the Window.
Shift + Delete : Permanently Deletes the selected item.
Press “Shift” five times : opens up sticky keys dialogue box. Gives you a privilege of turning them on or off.


Exclusive Windows Shortcuts.

Windows : Activates the start button.
Windows + tab : Allows you to select minimized windows/cycle through the programs through aero flip 3d.
Windows + ctrl + tab :  Also cycle through the programs pinned in the taskbar.
Windows + shift+ ”the serial number of the program in the taskbar which you want to open”  or Windows + “the serial number of the program in the taskbar which you want to open”: will open the desired program which is pinned to the task bar.
ctrl + alt + del :
ctrl + shift + esc : will open the task bar . can be used as an alternative for ctrl+alt+del ().
Windows + E : opens my computer.
Windows + X : opens up Windows mobility center.
Windows + T : opens up programs from the task bar.
Windows + U : opens up ease of access center.
Windows + D or Windows + “*”  : Minimizes the open window and using this combo again will open up the window again. (Shows Desktop).
Windows + M :  Minimizes the open window.
Windows + F : Used for searching files. Opens up search box.
Windows + L : Instant lock the user.
Windows + P : gives you a privilege to choose a presentation display mode.
Windows + “+” : opens up magnifier.
Windows + Right arrow key : maximizes the windows to its right.
Windows + Left arrow key : maximizes the windows to its left.
Windows + Up arrow key : Maximizes the window.
Windows + Down arrow key : Minimizes the window.

Hope these shortcuts will come handy while ongoing with your work in Windows 7.
If you know some more keyboard shortcuts that gonna be useful than do share in comments. COmmentluv is enabled over here.
Stay connected and stay tuned. Have a great day ahead.
Thank You.
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