How to Install Commentluv on Blogger Blog

How to install Commentluv on Blogger Blog? 
Hello folks, Today I’ll be sharing a tutorial on “How to install Commentluv on Blogger Blog?”.
Comments are a great way in determining the fact that how popular a blog/website is. So, having a great commenting system like Commentluv ain’t a bad thing. So, why not install it on our blogger blog. So, lets get started.

What is Commentluv?

Commentluv is a very popular commenting system which was initially for WordPress but now it is for blogger blogs too as an Intensdebate plugin. It rewards the commentors with a backlink to their own blog. So, Commentluv is the best available commenting system and that too, for free. Ain’t it great.

So, here is the step by step tutorial.

Note: We’ll be using a dummy blogspot blog for simplicity.


1. Go to

2. SignUp for a new account. Click on install intensedebate on another blog/site as shown below (actually I am using an old account of intensedebate, so I am getting this. You will get an appropriate option like install intensedebate on blog/site as if you are having a new account. So, don’t worry).


Install Intensedebate-commentluv
Install Intensedebate

3. Enter your Blog/Website URL in the prompted field and click on next step as shown.


Enter URL- Commentluv
Enter URL

4. Select your platform. If you have entered your blogspot domain, then it will automatically recognize the platform but for custom domains you will have to specify the platform. Click on blogger platform as shown.

Select Platform-commentluv
Select Platform

5. In the next window you will be asked to upload your template so that they can modify your template with their code in it.
So, in order to do so, open up your blogger account->go to template->click on backup/restore->download full template.

upload template-commentluv
Upload Template
Download Template- commentluv
Download Template
Download Template

6. Then upload the downloaded template as shown.

Upload Template- Commentluv
Upload Template

7. After that you will get an updated code of your template. Just copy that and paste it in the template section of your blogger blog.

copy template-commentluv
Copy and paste it on your blogger template section.

8. After that, go to your intensedebate dashboard. Locate for your blog/website name. underneath the name, click on the moderate link.


9. Your blog’s dashboard will open. Click on the plugins link.



10. A list of all the intensedebate plugin will open. Locate for commentluvplugin and click on activate. Woahh, you have just installed commentluvcommenting system on your blog/website. Ain’t it so easy.

you just activated commentluv
you just activated commentluv

Final words.

Commentluv is a great commenting plugin and is being widely used. So why the hell are you lagging behind. Go and just follow the above guidelines and rock the blogosphere.So, I think we were efficient enough to make you aware of the entire process of How you can add commentluv on a blogger blog?
you can also customize the appearance.
And don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback and if you know any other commenting system better than this then do let me know.
show your love for comments because commentluv has been installed in this blog too.

Feel free to comment as you will be getting a backlink for free. Have a nice day folks. Keep visiting.

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