Free Online Tools for Bloggers

Free Online Tools for bloggers
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Free! Free! Free! Must have Free Online Tools for Bloggers.

Who in this almighty earth don’t want things for free? Free things make us happy and being in the blogosphere free things attract us the most. S, here I have compiled a list of must have free online tools for bloggers.
Note: Click on the heading to go to the Free online tool. 


 1. Tools.Pingdom.Com.

Free Online Tools for bloggers

Nobody likes slow things. Same goes for your website/blog as well. This tool from provides you a privilege to analyze your website load speed. It lets you identify what about a web page is fast, slow, too big, what best practices you’re not following.

It’s features include :

File Sizes.
Load times.
Html, CSS, Javascript resources and many more.

Just try your hands and figure it out, How awesome it is.

2. Openlinkprofiler.Org.

Free Online Tools for bloggers

This is one of the best online free tool for bloggers that I have encountered so far. Details in a blink of eye is its specialty. It’s a sort of backlink databases which you can access for free.
It is the best free tool to analyze the backlinks and to me it’s a source for getting backlinks from.
It serves you the analysis of the freshest live backlinks. You can filter your results based on your need like if you want only do-follow backlinks, than you can do it with an ease.


3. Google Analytics.

Free Online Tools for bloggers
Google Analytics

It’s a very famous Google product for the webmasters. It facilitates you with a facility of analyzing your traffic sources providing utmost details.
The most favorable feature includes real time visitors. It has such an excellent tracker which is a beauty by developers.
Rest,  go and give it a try and feel the beauty if you haven’t tried it yet.


Free Online Tools for bloggers

If ever you are planning to buy a domain name and you want to check whether your domain name is still available or not then this free online tool is for you. It’s a very prominent tool with quality service. A very good domain availability checker of all time.

5. Alexa Toolbar.

This alexa toolbar tells you about the alexa rank of the website/blog which you are visiting. We all know that alexa rank plays a significant role in determining how popular a blog is. In words of popular webmasters alexa toolbar helps you to decrease your alexa rank if your website/blog is being visited by the browser which have alexa toolbar installed in it.

One should give it a try. Moreover it’s free.

6. Chrome Extension For Backlinks.

Free Online Tools for bloggers
Backlink analayst

Its for the chrome users only. Sorry Folks(for the people using other browsers, it’s not for you. You may try some other alternative or I may find one for you if you need one some other time).
It tells you that whether a given link is Do-follow or No-Follow attribute associated with it.
Just give it a try.Its a nice and must have extension for SEO folks.

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7. Goo.Gl

Another very Interesting and prominent tool by Google. The first of its kind of shortening service that tracks the number of clicks on the shortened link.
One thing which I like about Google services is that you can access all of them with a single Profile Id and that’s the beauty.

8. Zoho Free Custom Email Service.

Do you ever wanted an E-mail address with your blog name just like: but don’t have that much amount of money to buy that kind of a service. So, no need to worry. You still can get such a service and that too for free. Just sign up for Zoho custom E-mail service and get one. Yippee.

It’s free feature include:

Mailbox Storage: 5GB/User
Docs Storage(shared): 5GB
10 Users.
Host 1 Domain.
Office online apps.
Docs Desktop Sync.


9. Pagerank, Domain Authority Checker.

There are many Page Rank, Page Authority and Domain Authority checker in the Web-O-World but this one is one of the best Bulk metrics checker by seoweather. You can check multiple websites/blog in one go and that too for free.


hootsuite is an must have free online tool for managing all your social networks in one place.
Its tagline speaks: Update, Schedule And monitor which is self expalantory.
Bloggers must give it a try as we all know the importance of social networks in establishing a blog and for generating traffic resources. With hootsuite you can connect over 35 popular networks.
P.S. its not totally free but you can still use 30 days free trial. Just give it a try and if you find it worthy just go for the premium plan of it.

Final Words:

Free is a word which attracts most of us and for newbie bloggers who are in this blogosphere to achieve independency, knowledge and fame. This compilation of free must have online tools for bloggers will prove to be a good treat.

If you know some more of these kind of free must have online blogging tools than do enlighten us with those. I’ll be highly glad if you will comment some of your tools from your blogging kit.

Hoping for a mighty success for you all in the blogosphere.
keep visiting and do comment if you find this post worthy. Thank you for giving it a read.


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